Ángel Jiménez

Madrid. 1979

He studied cinematography in TAI school in Madrid. In 2001 he shoots his first short in 35mm, “Las huellas” (“Tracks”), co-produced by Aki Kaurismaki.

In 2007 he starts Kinoskopik, and shoots the documentary film “Días de El Abanico” (“Days of El Abanico”), shot in Argentina.

His first feature film “ORI” , (Spain-Georgia, 2009), was premiered at San Sebastian IFF, and has won Best First Film prize in Tetuan IFF and Best First Film Prize in Madrid PNR FF.

“Khorosho” (short film, 2010), is selected in more than 45 national and international film festivals and wins several prizes in Cortada (Spain, Best film), UNCIPAR (Argentina, Best international film), Art Kurtz (France, Jury prize), Decortoan (Spain, Best film).

“Chaika” (Spain-Georgia-Russia, 2012) his second feature film, was premiered at San Sebastian IFF 2012, and has traveled around the world being shown in several international film festivals. The film won Best Director´s Debut and Best Cinematographer´s Debut at Plus Camerimage IFF 2012, Best Film and Best Actress in San Marino IFF, Best Film in Skip City IFF (Japan), and Best Film in Fic Unach IFF , Mexico, 2014.

“The night watchman” (2015) is his third feature film, now in postproduction.




Cocentaina (Alicante). 1979

Graduated in Philosophy by Universidad de Valencia and graduated in Scriptwriting by ECAM in Madrid in 2006. Since that year, he works proffesionally as script coordinator for Paramount Comedy in the TV series Ascensores and after that as scriptwriter for several prime time fiction TV series as Los Hombres de Paco (2008), El Internado (2010) or Vive Cantando (2013-14), among others. At the same time he develops TV projects for production companies such us Globomedia (B&B), Lince TV (Cómplices) and Notro Televisión (HKM). His last credit in TV is as co-creator and scriptwriter of the TV series Algo Que Celebrar by Doble Filo Producciones, for Antena 3 TV in 2015.

In the side of the projects for the big screen, apart from several documentaries, he is credited in two feature films. both of them premiered with success in San Sebastian International Film Festival. First of them, “Ori” (2008) won 2 international prizes for the Best First Film (Tetouan IFF and Madrid PNR FF) and the latest, “Chaika” (2012), after a year travelling by international festivals, got several important achievements as Best Film Prize in Japanese D-Cinema IFF, Best Film and Best Actress in San Marino IFF, Best Debut Director and Best Debut Director of Photography in polish Camerimage Festival or Best Film in mexican FICUNACH Festival. His latest film is The Night Watchman, a suspense drama set in the USA, to be released in cinemas in early 2016.



Gómez Andreu

Director of Photography
Vitoria. 1978

Graduate in Audiovisual Journalism by Universidad de Navarra, in 2000 and graduate in Direction of photography by TAI Cinema School, Madrid, in 2003. In 2012 he receives the Best Debut Cinematographer Award at Plus Camerimage International film festival for his second feature, “Chaika” (2012), directed by Miguel Angel Jiménez, for whom he shot his debut film “Ori” (2009), which was premiered at San Sebastian IFF, and won the Best film awards in Tetouan IFF and Madrid PNR FF 2010.

He has received awards for the best cinematography at Shimla IFF (India), Daimiel Short FF (Spain), and Aivalik IFF (Turkey) for his work in the short film “Monsters doesn´t exist” (2012), by Paul Urkijo, and the Jury Prize for the Cinematography at Pucol Short FF 2014 (Spain) and La Guarimba IFF (Italy), for “Elena Asins: Genesis”, short documentary directed by Alvaro Giménez Sarmiento.

His recent feature films are “Caucassian Trio” (2015), directed by the renowned georgian director Eldar Shengelaia, “Moira” (2015), by the georgian director Levan Tutberidze, premiered at San Sebastian IFF and “House of others” (2016), debut film by the georgian director Russudan Glurjidze.

“The night watchman” (2016), directed by Miguel Angel Jiménez is his latest feature film, to be released in early 2016.



Gómez de Segura

Focus puller and Postproducer
Vitoria. 1979

Graduated in Audivisual Journalism by Universidad del País Vasco in 2001. Between 2002 and 2007 he works as postproduction manager for several prime time TV shows as El coro de la cárcel (TVE), El día que cambió tu vida (TVE), El calendario del año (ETB) or Menuda decisión (Cuatro), among others. Since 2007, apart from numerous short films, ads and videoclips, he color corrected the features “Ori” (2008) and “Chaika” (2012) by Miguel Angel Jiménez; “Flores Silvestres” (2010), by Mikel Ardanaz; “Sapos y culebras” (2014), by Francisco Avizanda and “El rey gitano”, (2015) by Juanma Bajo Ulloa. As focus puller, he shot “Ori” (2009) and “Chaika” (2012), by Miguel Angel Jiménez, “Flores silvestres” (2010), by Mikel Ardanaz, “Caucassian Trio”, (2015), by Eldar Shengelaia; “Moira” (2015), by Levan Tutberidze and “House of others”, by Rusudan Glurjidze. His latest feature film, as focus puller and colorist is “The night watchman” (2016), directed by Miguel Ángel Jiménez.



de Oza

Barcelona. 1974

Son of navarrians, born in Barcelona and raised in Getxo among 8 brothers. He studies Laws in UPV University in San Sebastian. Graduate as Expert in Bussiness Ontologic Coaching by Mondragon University. He develops his activity as Technical Administration and Contract Management in Vitoria Gasteiz, and as founder partner and Executive producer in Kinoskopik, with whom he produces the feature films “Ori” (2009) and “Chaika” (2012), directed by Miguel Angel Jiménez, the documentary “Days of El Abanico” (2008) and the short film “Khorosho” (2010). He is now executive producing the feature film “Errementari”, directed by Paul Urkijo, coproduction between Kinoskopik and Ikusgarri Films, in development phase.