No Man’s Land

2016. Feature Documentary


In the midst of an unequalled national crisis, and after the backlash of the battles in Maidan in Kiev and the independence of Crimea, some anonymous protagonists are struggling to find their place and to resist being swept away forever by history. Badya, a veteran of the Maidan revolution, and Nikolai, a shoemaker wounded on the barricades. Djosephina and Anatoli, a delightful couple in Crimea longing for an impossible journey to the past in the USSR. Pavel, an orthodox pope and ascetic in the middle of no man’s land. And Katya, a young Ukrainian woman trying to make a living in the Kiev nights. All of them mingle with soldiers, adolescent paramilitaries, Cossacks, music groups and desperate patriots, in a black hole that has been ripped open on the border between East and West.

Commitment to the land, sacrifice and the impossibility of remaining on the sidelines will change their lives forever. And, unfortunately, not for the better.

Feature Film

Director: Miguel Ángel Jiménez.
Screenplay: Miguel Ángel Jiménez.
Production: Kinoskopik, Kowalski, Malvalanda (Spain), Archanda Films (Georgia).