Días del abanico

2008. Documentary Film


“El Abanico” is a little village in San Juan, Argentina. Life passes silently and slowly there. The cold weather and the desert dry out the faces of its inhabitants, the wind lashes the dusty roads and their humble adobe houses are invaded by televisions which constantly show them a world in which they don’t take part. The naturalness and dignity of these people, used to survive with very little, are shown in this slow-paced and austere story as settled on the quiet passing of time, which at the foot of the premountain range of Los Andes, seems like the only thing that occurs.

Documentary Film

Director: Miguel Angel Jiménez
Screenplay: Miguel Angel Jiménez
Production: Kinoskopik Film Produktion


Lupa Documentary Film Festival 2009 (Opening Film)

Zinebi International Short and Documentary Film Festival 2009